NFL Schedule Week 8

Sunday Night – Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions

This game is going to be an offense-lover’s dream. These two teams are just going to sling it all night until the final whistle blows. May the team who scores last win. Big Ben and Matt Stafford will go toe to toe at Ford Field as they each try to light up the other team’s secondary. Honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult for either to find success. It’s going to be a new school, shootout type of game in Detroit and it really may come down to whoever has the ball last. RIP to both of these defenses.

Keys to the Game
The Steelers hold the clear advantage here because they have a great run game and Detroit doesn’t. That could easily be the deciding factor here if the Steelers can build themselves a lead. If they can get in front by double digits, you can guarantee they’re going to pound the rock with Le’Veon Bell and they’ll have success doing it. Not only will they be able to take large chunks of time off the clock, but you can bet that Bell will find his way into the endzone at least once, if not more. The Lions will have a hard time keeping up with that.

It’s going to be crucial for Detroit to have success and get out in front early. They can’t afford to fall behind and let Pittsburgh bulldoze them to death with Bell. They need to keep old Big Ben dropping back and throwing down field and they need to capitalize when he makes a mistake. He’s not exactly Eli Manning, but Roethlisberger has thrown double digit interceptions in 3 of the last 4 seasons. Make him throw enough while chasing points and he’s bound to make a mistake. If the Lions can go up by 2+ scores, they should be able to keep their foot on the gas and cruise to victory.